About Us

Key to Joinivy Success

Passionately enhancing education by blending ‘Technology and Human Touch’.

What is our Philosophy?

We, at JoinIvy, strongly believe that developing an active interest in learning is more important than just gathering information. Our philosophy is to lead students into becoming life-long learners and inspiring them to put in their best.

What is our Vision?

Creating an online education platform that optimally blends technology with human interaction to work with our students towards academic excellence by making learning engaging rather than a chore.

Who are We?

We are a team of committed professionals who understand the academic pursuits, challenges and aspirations of young, ambitious Egyptians. Our team of teachers are selected by experts who have years of experience in the education sector; together we offer a learning experience based on care and understanding.

How Are We Different From Other Online Platforms ?

We, at JoinIvy, closely handhold our learners through each step :

  • Establishing a rapport with their teacher so that they look forward to the lessons
  • Personalizing the lesson material to specific needs while ensuring quality
  • Reviewing goals and targets
  • Getting comfortable with the technology
  • Listening to complaints, if any.

We do not leave our students to get lost in a maze of online content. We do not let them quit learning if there is any problem with their teachers or learning method. We are an integrated part of their learning journey.

JoinIvy : Partner in the New Norm of Blended Education

Optimally blending physical learning resources with technology, is fast becoming a norm.

At the same time there are technology tools that facilitate more effective, efficient and deeper learning

No better alternative to face-to-face human interaction; applies to age-old guru-student relationship as well

Imperative for both teachers and students to get on-board with blended education, to be relevant and operate in a technology-led future

JoinIvy : Facilitator of Technology-empowered Teaching

Brings modern learning approach to Egypt using the latest education technology to make learning simple, enjoyable and motivating.

Passionate teachers selected through a rigorous selection process

Students are taught in real-time by a real teacher

Excellent content to ensure in-depth understanding of the subject matter by students


JoinIvy shares responsibility for students’ progress: not just a market place for tutors

One-on-one or Small group, making the experience personal