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Teachers form the key pillar of JoinIvy promise of excellence in education. We give a platform to passionate teachers, who are experts in their domain and strongly believe in innovative ways to make learning simple and inspiring.

You channelize students’ screen fascination into their academic success while making learning enjoyable.

You teach in a relaxed environment: Own place. Own pace. Own time. Smaller groups.

Greater job satisfaction by partnering a child or small group in their learning journey and progress.

Take as many lessons as you deem comfortable. Reach a wider group Of students

Keeping pace with the rest of the world in adapting lesson plan and teaching tools for a digital platform.

Registration: Register as a Teacher and upload your CV.

Shortlisted applicants will be called by JoinIvy for interview and written assessment.

Welcome Onboard : Selected teachers will be trained by JoinIvy on our teaching philosophy, using the technology, preparing the teaching material, etc.You will be sent a welcome mail. The mail has a link to set your secure password. Follow the link and set your password.

Log into JoinIvy and indicate the day(s) and time you are available to teach on JoinIvy,

You will be assigned to students and lesson schedule based on your availability and area of expertise.

Before the lesson, prepare your teaching material and upload in JoinIvy library for your use.

10 minutes before the scheduled time, log into JoinIvy and launch your class.

You will be paid for lessons given on a monthly basis by credit into your bank account.

If you have any more questions, please write to us at Teachers@JoinIvy.com Or call us on +2 010 1858 4705

At JoinIvy, we are committed to provide high quality teachers to our students along with a learning environment that is safe and motivating.

Qualities we look for in our teachers :

  • Necessary educational qualifications

  • Prior teaching and mentoring experience

  • Satisfactory clearance of background check

  • Strong subject knowledge

  • Excellent teaching skills as shown during demo lessons

  • Patient, sensitive and firm approach to student handling

  • Dedication to adapt lessons to technology and time

  • Commitment towards target setting and student progress

Profiled Teachers

Ms. Amira Omar Ismail

Miss Amira Omar is the 'Head of Science Department' in her school. She has established a reputation of leading students to astounding results in Cambridge Checkpoint Exams. She is a strong believer in patience and hard-work.

Mrs. Marian Roushdy

Miss Marian has over 12 years experience in teaching Math to students upto Grade 9: she specialises in British Curriculum, Cambridge CheckPoint Exams and likes to give a rigorous practice to students across all topics. She has a reputation of motivating students to work hard and put in their best.

Ms. Shereen Fouad

Miss Shereen has a degree in Civil Engineering; she has a teaching experience of over 4 years. She has taught Math upto Year 8, for both British and Egyptian National Curricula. She believes that Education is the most powerful tool to change the world. Students find her kind and extremely patient in explaining difficult concepts.

Mrs. Sylvia Rafik Kozman

Miss Sylvia has over 5 years experience in teaching Science. She is an expert in British Curriculum upto Grade 8. She believes in giving a strong foundation to students by clarifying their doubts and not being satisfied till they have completely understood key concepts.

Ms. Malak El-Shamy

Miss Malak has been a teacher for the past 4 years. She believes that learning is led arousing curiosity in the world around. Her fresh approach to teaching English makes her popular among young students, who find her fun, patient and yet extremely disciplined. She specialises in Grade 6 and above.

Mrs. Amal Ahmed Gad

Miss Amal is currently the 'Head of English Department' in her school. Her past experience with primary students makes her a favourite teacher who is soft spoken, kind and yet firm. She believes that problems are meant to be overcome and tries various methodologies to make learning fun.

Mr. Tamer Tourque

After returning from America in 2013, Mr. Tamer has been guiding students through their SAT preparation. He is an expert in strategies of SAT English and is patient enough to explain and re-explain till students have completely understood key concepts.

Mr. Yasser Kamal

Mr. Yasser Kamal has over 20 years experience in teaching Chemistry to Grades 9 to 12. He is an expert in British Curriculum and IB. He has taught students in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He is passionate about his subject and guides his students efficiently and patiently - his goal is to simplify concepts so that his students choose a career in Science.

Mrs. Nevine Ibrahim

Miss Nevine has been a teacher for over 10 years; she has taught English for British and American Curricula. She emphasises on the importance of grammar and vocabulary; she also prescribes extensive reading for a better grip of language.

Mrs. Catherine zaki

Ms. Catherine has been teaching since past 5 years; her innovative teaching approach endears her to young students, who learn with her and push their limits without feeling stressed. She takes personal responsibility for her students' progress and modifies her style so that her lessons are bever monotonous.